CHC to Guide Consumers in Enrolling in the Affordable Care Act

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Salt Lake City, UT, July 12, 2013– Community Health Centers, Inc. (CHC), the leading non-profit community health center organization on the Wasatch Front announces it has received a federal grant of $266,900 to help enroll patients into insurance programs under the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as “Obamacare.” CHC is one of more than 1,100 community health centers nationally to share in $150 million in grant money for training and deploying “health care navigators” to meet the needs of previously uninsured patients, beginning October 1, when enrollment opens.  In Utah, a total of eleven clinics received the funding.

“64% of our existing patients, about 20,000 Utahns, are currently uninsured,” said Dexter Pearce, Executive Director for Community Health Centers, Inc. “We will expand our staff to add a navigator at each of our five clinics going forward.  CHC staff members are trained in patient advocacy and education so it’s a natural extension of our mission to help these community members negotiate the complexities of the Affordable Care Act.”

The federal health care law will require most Americans to obtain coverage or face a financial penalty.

U.S. Health Resources and Services Administrator Mary Wakefield says health centers are in a great position to help Americans enroll in coverage, understand the benefits and explain how health insurance works: “What a deductible is, what a premium is, for example…they’ll be assisting them all the way through the process.”