If this is an emergency or if you are needing an urgent appointment please CALL US, do not book an appointment online.


These appointments are only for our Rosepark and Downtown location.


Rose Park Location                                       Downtown Location

Stephen Ratcliffe Clinic                                Central City Clinic

1365 West 1000 North                                  610 South 200 East, Suite B

Salt Lake City, UT 84116                               Salt Lake City, UT 84111


  • For New Patients 

    • Please bring your ID and insurance card

    • If you do not have insurance please bring your ID AND 1 month's worth of income for the household. 

      • A household includes everyone in the home that is working

    • Acceptable income includes:

      • Pay stubs

      • W-2

      • Taxes from the previous year

Central City Clinic: Jeffrey  Coursey

Subscription Code: JEN - NII - RIJI
healow URL: https://healow.com/apps/provider/jeffrey-coursey-442228

Central City Clinic: Andrew Garrison
Subscription Code: JHT - JTJ - 7AN7
healow URL: https://healow.com/apps/provider/andrew-garrison-442232

Central City Clinic: Carl Whittaker
Subscription Code: JNN - RSR - R7JH
healow URL: https://healow.com/apps/provider/thomas-whittaker-442265  

Central City Clinic: Marilyn Curran
Subscription Code: JTH - ISA - JAIH
healow URL: https://healow.com/apps/provider/marilyn-curran-508065

Stephen D. Ratcliffe Clinic: Saskia Spiess
Subscription Code: JSH - 77S - SRRE
healow URL: https://healow.com/apps/provider/saskia-spiess-442254 

Stephen D. Ratcliffe Clinic: David Robinson
Subscription Code: JNH - RSS – JETJ 
healow URL: https://healow.com/apps/provider/david-robinson-442261

Stephen D. Ratcliffe Clinic: Daniel McAtee
Subscription Code: JTJ - IRI - NSJN
healow URL: https://healow.com/apps/provider/daniel-mcatee-589193 

Stephen D. Ratcliffe Clinic: Gillian Tufts
Subscription Code: JRH - AS7 - JNAN
healow URL: https://healow.com/apps/provider/gillian-tufts-442266

Stephen D. Ratcliffe Clinic: Alana Jonat
Subscription Code: JAR - SJA - S7AT
healow URL: https://healow.com/apps/provider/alana-jonat-442238 

Stephen D. Ratcliffe Clinic: William Garzon
Subscription Code: JEA - NSN - RR7H
healow URL: https://healow.com/apps/provider/william-garzon-1135800

Stephen D. Ratcliffe Clinic: Carolina Guitarrari
Subscription Code: JEE - NSA - SRH7 
healow URL: https://healow.com/apps/provider/carolina-guitarrari-442234

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