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Community Health Centers, Inc. is unique in Salt Lake County. It is our mission to provide comprehensive, top-quality services for the underserved, including both comprehensive medical and dental care. We are creating a standard of care in which families and individual patients can establish long-term relationships with their health care professionals. These relationships improve health and improve lives.

Our health centers offer a comprehensive range of primary health care, including: prenatal and delivery, obstetrics/gynecology, immunizations, individual and family counseling, periodic screening and acute episodic care. Ancillary services offered by CHC include laboratory testing, radiology, free and low-cost pharmacy, chronic illness management and patient education. Dental services include general dentistry, preventive services, dental hygiene and patient education. CHC also provides limited optometry and have arranged for low cost ophthalmology services. Most of our staff are bi-lingual (Spanish) and we can make arrangements for translators of other languages.


  • Men & Women’s care

  • OB/GYN services

  • Children’s health care

  • Senior’s health care

  • Chronic disease care


  • General Dentistry

  • Preventative care

  • Restorative care

  • Dental Hygiene

  • Dental care education


  • Depression screening

  • Alcohol & Drug screening

  • Referral service for other mental illnesses

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