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COVID-19 Corona Virus

The COVID-19 virus is rapidly spreading in Utah.

If you feel you have COVID-19 call the Utah Corona Hotline at 1-800-456-7707.

Call 911 immediately if you have difficulty breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion or inability to arouse, bluish lips or face or if you feel your condition is an emergency.

Some people experience very mild or no symptoms, but others get severely ill and can die. At this time, the most important thing is to stay HOME, especially if you are sick, but even if you don’t feel sick


This will help slow or stop the spread to those people who can get seriously ill.

Our doctors will continue to see patients that need to come to the clinic to receive care such as pregnant women, children who need vaccines or family planning.

For all other types of appointments, we will try to serve your needs via phone or telehealth visit, to protect you, your family, and the community.

We will be reaching out to you more by phone so please be prepared to answer so you do not miss important information. Please load the HEALOW App onto your phone. If your appointment is a routine visit, it may be postponed until this outbreak is controlled.

We are limiting access to our facilities to patients that are in need of care. If you need medical records, forms that need to be filled out, have billing questions or request other assistance please email:

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