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Announcing Our New Executive Director

We are ecstatic to announce Jennifer Thomas as CHC's new Executive Director!

Jennifer has dedicated more than three decades of service to Community Health Centers. Her Cinderella story first began as a Medical Records Clerk, followed by years of service as the Clinic Director for the Stephen D. Ratcliffe Clinic, to Operations Director and recently as Deputy Director.

Jennifer has gained a great deal of growth and knowledge through her experiences as CHC and through her different positions of increasing responsibility. She has shown beyond doubt her dedication and loyalty to CHC's mission and its patients, while placing equal importance and value on providers and staff. Jennifer has maintained an unfailing optimism for the future of CHC.

We thank you for your continued support of Jennifer, as well welcome her into this exciting new role as CHC's Executive Director.

The next chapter begins now.


Board of Governors

Community Health Centers, Inc.

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